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Scientific Photo Exhibition

A photo exhibition titled "The Fauna of Bulgaria - An Invaluable Treasure", organized by the Institute of Zoology, BAS, and dedicated to the International Year of Biodiversity, was opened on 21 June 2010 at the lobby of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. We participated with original photos in the sections: "Biodiversity of invertebrate animals", "Field sampling methods", and "Threats to biodiversity". At present invasive alien species are recognised as one of the greatest threats to the environment and to the social and economic welfare of the planet: their harmful impact on biodiversity is considered second only to that caused by habitat loss. Another important impact illustrated by the photos was water pollution.


This website is developed with support from the Bulgarian Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science,
within the Project "Assessment and Management of Dreissena spp. Invasions in the Bulgarian Water Bodies",
Contract Number: DO-02-283/2008.

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