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The web portal of the recently established East and South European Network on Invasive Alien Species (ESENIAS) has been created and it can be accessed at: http://www.esenias.org.


The main goal of ESENIAS is to establish a regional cooperation in the East and South European countries for the development of IAS common database, for raising awareness of the problem among decision makers and general public, and for aid in IAS early detection, eradication, control and mitigation.

The ESENIAS web portal provides a forum for sharing information and knowledge on:

  • IAS in East and South Europe - scientific names, biology, ecology, habitat, invasiveness, pathways of introductions, and impact (species lists, species factsheets; basic or more detailed information)
  • First findings, distribution and spread of IAS in East and South Europe (species alerts; interactive distribution maps)
  • Risk assessment and management information on IAS (risk assessment protocols, management option and practices, IAS action plans)
  • Regulations, guidance, scientific references related to IAS in the region.
ESENIAS brings together experts on biodiversity, environmental management and pest control from national and regional environmental and agriculture departments, the scientific community and organizations working with invasive alien species. Current members of the network are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo under UNSC Resolution 1244/99, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. It is expected that in the future the network will also include neighboring countries of current members, such as the South European countries and countries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region.

This website is developed with support from the Bulgarian Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science,
within the Project "Assessment and Management of Dreissena spp. Invasions in the Bulgarian Water Bodies",
Contract Number: DO-02-283/2008.

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