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ABIC 2011

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Project participants took part in the 3rd Aquatic Biodiversity International Conference (ABIC), which was held on 4-7 October 2011 in Sibiu, Romania http://stiinte.ulbsibiu.ro/aquatic_biodiversity_conference, with the following contributions:
• An oral presentation entitled: "The ichthyofauna in the reservoirs in the North-West Bulgaria, Danube River Basin" with author T. Trichkova; and
• A poster entitled: "Trophic structure of three Bulgarian reservoirs", with authors L. Kenderov, M. Pavlova, T. Trichkova, D. Kozuharov, V. Tyufekchieva, Y. Vidinova, Z. Hubenov, S. Stoichev and Y. Uzunov.
Two abstracts were published in the Proceedings of the 3rd Aquatic Biodiversity International Conference, Sibiu, Romania, 2011, 110 pp., edited by Dr A. Banaduc, Dr D. Banaduc, C. Grosu and H. Olosutean, "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (ISBN 978-606-12-0210-2).

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