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Visit of “Maritsa East 2” TPP
Visit of “Maritsa East 2” TPP

During the period of 19-22 May 2011 project participants S. Cheshmedjiev, L. Kenderov and T. Trichkova visited the „Maritsa East 2” Thermoelectric Power Plant. They had a meeting with Eng. Stefka Boneva, head of the Ecology Department, and discussed issues related to zebra mussel infestations and necessary measures for their monitoring and control. Samples of zebra mussel were collected from some TPP facilities as well as from the Ovcharitsa cooling-reservoir using standard hydrobiological methods and diving. After processing and analyses of samples, an assessment of the degree of impact of zebra mussel fouling on water engineering facilities will be made. The results will be used for the update of the Program for Monitoring and Control of Zebra Mussel currently implemented by the “Maritsa East 2” TPP. We are grateful to Eng. Stefka Boneva, Eng. Georgi Hristozov, Executive Director of the TPP, Eng. Ivan Ivanov from NEK EAD "Dams and Cascades", and Mr Zhivko Zhelyazkov from Nomikom Company, for their collaboration and support during our study


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