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Trip R. Macedonia

In October, 17-24, 2010, T. Trichkova and L. Kenderov visited Hydrobiological Institute Ohrid, Macedonia. They participated in a field survey of Ohrid Lake together with project participants Prof. Dr Sasho Trajanovski and MSc Biljana Budzakoska Gjoreska, as well as other colleagues from Macedonia, Albania and Norway. Samples of water chemistry and benthic macroinvertebrates including Dreissena presbensis were collected at 10 sites from different depths in the littoral area. The collected samples were processed at the laboratory and later transported to the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research BAS for further analysis and identification. During a series of meetings held, participants discussed on sampling methods and data analysis of macrozoobenthos. Additionally, three other lakes within the Adriatic Sea basin were visited and sampled for Dreissena spp. - Lakes Prespa, Debar and Mavrovo.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Prespa

Lake Debar

Lake Mavrovo


This website is developed with support from the Bulgarian Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science,
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